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i feel like Kim is telling North that they’re gonna take over the world telepathically

Night drives

I like having the place to myself

Roberto Burle Marx, a Brazilian landscape architect (as well as a painter, print maker, ecologist, naturalist, artist and musician) whose designs of parks and gardens made him world famous.

Some of us run. We all run away from something that we feared. We got afraid of things that we had no knowledge about, of a future that we were uncertain of, and of those things that we dare not be wrong with. And in turn, all we did was run.

But for how long? How long would you be running away from those things? How many people would you hurt by doing so? And how much longer would you let yourself be hurt also?

In life, I realized that there wasn’t such a thing as our problems solving by itself. That in this world, there hadn’t been any occurrence of things folding out automatically in front of you.

In reality, you had to work it out. It was you who should pull the loose strings together and tidy things up. Face the truth. Conquer the fear.

They were your problems, not anyone else’s. And they would be there until you got the courage to face it and patch it up. And running would never be the answer for that. Sometimes, it was stopping, once and for all, get it over with.

-Unknown  (via gettingahealthybody)

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